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Growing in the Moment

When I began thinking about the theme Family Resources has chosen for the month of March – BLOOMING – and the theme word – GROWTH - my thoughts immediately gathered in memories of my mother.

The definition for blooming is “looking healthy and attractive”.  While “blooming” is definitely an action word, I believe it cannot happen without the help of a closely related dynamic, which is growth, defined as “the process of becoming larger and more mature through natural development”. I further believe that growth and blooming cannot happen within a vacuum, as one needs the support and encouragement of others, and the opportunity to pass on that same gift of support and encouragement to others, in order to grow and bloom!

I am embarrassed to say, but sometimes I wasn’t real excited about going “downtown” with my mother - I knew her routine. No matter who we met on the street, she knew who they were and something about them. She would always take the time to greet them, and then introduce them to me and tell me something she admired about them, something they had accomplished, etc. At those times I was “too much about me” to realize that mother was helping the other person to grow and bloom. Mother knew how to help others feel good about themselves and grow beyond where they had been the moment before, giving them the opportunity to be proud of themselves and grow in self-esteem. The crowd at her funeral was a witness and testimony to how much everyone loved her.

Looking back over the years that God blessed me and my four younger sisters with our mother’s help, guidance, encouragement, positive influence, and wisdom, I realize that mother knew, instinctively, the definition of growth.  She offered to us many chances for “blooming”, “thriving”, “intensifying”, “strengthening”, and “developing” our perception of who we were and who we could and wanted to become.

There is a well-known poem, Children Learn What They Live, composed by Dorothy Law Nolte. I wish to quote parts from the author approved shortened version of that poem which identify some of the ways mother inspired me:

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In closing, I invite you to take any little steps that you are able, and do what you can to support and encourage those who are near and dear to you in their attempts to grow and bloom!  

~ Carlene Headrick, Therapist

Sandstrom Judy

Tips from our EAP...
Giving Couples Counseling a Try (Part 2 of 3)

When you meet with the couple’s counselor, you will share information, explore issues, and clarify the difficulties that you have faced. The counselor will encourage you to express yourself more fully and to listen more carefully than you may have been accustomed to doing in your relationship. Important questions will be asked about your communication, the time you spend with each other, and the pattern of closeness you experience – the moving toward and away from each other. All of this helps your counselor assess the duration and intensity of your conflict so mutual goals can be established.

Couples counselors often meet with clients individually to gather information about past relationships and life events. These experiences affect relationships and can give clues to strategies for change.

“What will change or be different in your relationship if couples counseling is successful?” Answering this question can help you know when your goal has been met or when couples counseling should end.

You and your partner may participate in activities and communication exercises at home and in the sessions. The goal is to learn skills to enjoy the rewards of a warm, affectionate, and supportive relationship. You will develop strategies to use in the future if difficulties return. Support from the couples’ counselor will help reinforce the changes you learn.

In the next edition of the newsletter, we will finalize what couples counseling can do for you by looking at common problems addressed in the sessions and options if your spouse will not attend with you. Stay tuned!

~ Judy Sandstrom, EAP Coordinator

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