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Ryan LindaTherapist’s Corner…
Available Now: New Heart Math Coaching Program

     We at Family Resources are excited to offer a new coaching program that will introduce you to simple, practical techniques that can help you to de-stress from challenging situations, big or small. You’ll learn strategies to build your resilience and boost your ability to “take charge” of yourself by better regulating your energy throughout the day, a key in building and sustaining your resilience. Resilience can be thought of as the ability to prepare for, recover from and adapt to stress, challenge or adversity. We are at our best when we have a fully charged battery for life, greater capacity to remain calm, to think clearly and be in control of our emotions so we don’t overreact. Being resilient means we can be more flexible and roll with the punches that life throws at us. Exploring the energy management concepts can help you see where you may be draining your energy and depleting your reserves, which can keep you from being your best.
     Most of us have had experiences when we feel in sync and “on top of the world” when we enjoy projects and interactions with family, friends, and colleagues and everything is going great, BUT all of us have also had those moments when things are just plain not going well. We don’t think clearly, we don’t make decisions well, we don’t communicate clearly, we have negative emotions and negative thoughts. It’s like certain events and interactions can disrupt those good feelings and thoughts. During coaching you will learn to identify those moments when you are having “depleting” thoughts and emotions, and how you can get back on track right in the moment. No one will even know you’re using them.
     During the program you will be coached to understand where you are loosing your energy, how that affects your health and what you can do about it. Your coach can offer you simple techniques that can help you de-stress from challenging situations. Of primary importance is practicing the science-based techniques you learn that change the way your body’s physiology responds in stressful situations. Then, automatic stress reactions won’t dictate how you feel, respond or perform, whether you’re at work or at home.
     Coherence is an optimal state of functioning and the key to building your resilience capacity. The more coherence you build and maintain, the more energy you build and store in your system. You create a new baseline of resilience. Renewing emotions create the measurable state of coherence. Negative emotions are costly and inefficient and deplete your resilience capacity.
     The Heart Math program offers a number of techniques that are related to being aware of your heart and breathing. Each is slightly different and though they seem quick and easy, they have a lot of science behind them.
     Just for fun, spend a day or two noticing each time you feel frustrated and anxious, or resentful. Each time you notice the feeling, stop and remember a time when you were feeling contented or felt a sense or inner ease. You don’t need to spend much more than a minute or so with the memory. Then stop and notice if you are feeling better, less frustrated and calmer.
     My colleague, Seanne Emerton, owner of Family Resources, and I are both certified in the Heart Math Program to coach you in these resiliency skills for personal effectiveness and we are both excited to share these skills and help you to be the very best “you.”

~ Linda Ryan, Therapist

Waddington Tracy

Therapist’s Corner...
Remember, YOU are a Gift

    My work with human souls - it is my passion. It is in my heart to help others see their true potential. To give hope where there feels like there can never be any hope. It is taking the broken and rebuilding a beautiful masterpiece. It is loving people through their most challenging of times. It is helping each individual to see that their lives are a GIFT.
    Each and every day is a gift when my eyes open and I realize that God has given me another opportunity to do His will. It is an opportunity, as I always say, to be the difference, and make a difference each and every day. Life can throw us many challenges, but it is the attitude of perseverance, a mind-set that we work to re-channel, that drives us. It speaks to us and says “YOU are a GIFT, YOU CAN do this, pull yourself up by the boot straps.” After all, the biggest life lessons are not in the fall, but in the determination to get back up onto our feet again, and to say “I am worth another try!”
    Life will always be full of obstacles, but when those struggles come knocking upon our door, OPEN IT, WELCOME IT! 
    Ask yourself: What is this Challenge teaching me? How is this Challenge that is facing me teaching me to be a stronger, better version of myself?
    Life is so short, embrace your journey, LOVE who YOU are. YOU are a GIFT. Here’s one of my absolute favorite sayings by Gina Carey:
    “A strong Woman and Man looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink!”

~ Tracy Waddington, Therapist


Tips from Our  EAP...
Beat the BLAHs at Work

    A recent study reported in Psychology Today found that up to 60 percent of workers approach their jobs with lackluster enthusiasm. This lack of engagement is not only bad for business; it puts workers at risk for being on the chopping block when cutbacks need to be made. Engaged employees are simply more employable and happy at work.
Pointing Fingers
    Many workers choose to stay in jobs that they don't like. Others feel angry about cutbacks in benefits and opportunities, which affects their performance. Even more employees are burned out from taking on more responsibilities as their companies have become leaner and meaner.
    The reality is your attitude about your work is completely under your control. If you want to stay in a job where you no longer feel motivated, do yourself a favor and become more engaged. You'll be happier at work and will do a great job that will translate into better perks.
    Engagement is the passion you have for your job as well as the affection you have for your co-workers and company. Becoming engaged translates into focus, energy, and commitment – positive results for you and your company.
10 Engagement Hacks
Here are 10 hacks to help you become more engaged at work. Remember, engagement is a process, so it will take some time and motivation on your part to become passionate about your job. Take small steps and you'll see improvement over time.
1. Make a decision to become engaged. Yes, putting that thought out there really does help. By making a conscious choice to become more engaged you're electing to put your energies and focus into improvement.
2. Connect with your work and the organization. Find something about what you do that is interesting and focus on it. Same thing with your organization and co-workers. Connect with them on an intellectual level to provide some stimulation for your creative juices.
3. Determine what you can control in your work life. You may feel like you are controlled completely by your boss or your company, but everyone has some leeway. Focus on how you can tailor your work experience to work for you.
4. Learn. Be willing to learn a new skill rather than looking at it as another thing you are being forced to do. You may find another niche that you like about your job or even a new career to explore.
5. Get out of your comfort zone. Try something new, especially if it's something you haven't been open to in the past. Challenging yourself increases engagement.
6. Contribute to the organization. When you work as part of the team, it helps you engage with your co-workers and the rest of the organization. Two heads are better than one, and collaboration fuels imagination and drive to succeed.
7. Focus on doing more than just a good job. Going above and beyond helps to keep you engaged.
8. Develop a positive attitude. One of the biggest factors affecting engagement is attitude. The more positive you feel about your job the better day you'll have at work. You are less likely to disengage if you focus on the positives rather than the negatives.
9. Offer suggestions. Nothing tells management that you care more than offering your constructive opinions about how to make work more efficient. Offer to learn ways to make your department more productive.
10. Volunteer for leadership positions. Having a seat at the management table will help you feel like you are contributing, which is a huge part of engagement.
     One last crucial suggestion is to surround yourself with positive people. Spend time with the other engaged employees at work. Their enthusiasm will rub off on you.

~ Lana Lenz, EAP Coordinator (resource: Daniel Feerst, LISW-CP,

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