10 Ways To Get Outside

     Yes, it's hot out this time of year in Nebraska - and it's cold in the middle of winter. It's those days when you go from house to car to work/school to car to house. You spend all day on the computer or in front of the TV. Then, that evening, you were tired, cranky, and a little bummed?      Here's the thing - people need to be outside. We need to spend time in the sun and breathe the fresh air. We need to connect and to be inspired by nature. So turn off that TV, phone, and/or computer, and get outside!
     1. Go for a hike or nature walk. Live in a city? Go to a park or outside of city limits to find some green.
     2. Go swimming. Head for a swimming pool, lake, or river. Take some friends with you!
     3. Plant a garden. If you have the space, why not plant a garden. Taking care of a garden can be very therapeutic, plus it gets you out into the sun and into the dirt!
     4. Check out a field guide from a library and try to identify trees, flowers, or birds. It can be fun to learn about the things around you. 
     5. Speaking of libraries, just take a book and read it outside in the natural light. No, not a Kindle book - a physical, page-turner. (But, ok, if a Kindle is all you have...just go outside).
     6. Lay in a hammock. Naptime? Yes, please.
     7. Gather some friends and go play a sport. Touch football, pick-up basketball game, sand volleyball, run a 5K - there are lots of options!
     8. Stargaze. The sun is important but it isn't the only magnificent thing in the sky. Get outside of city limits and take a look up at the stars. Planets are usually visible, too. See what you can identify.
     9. Do some artwork. Bring a piece of paper along and sketch the scenery. Paint a landscape. Do some chalk art on the sidewalk.
     10. Volunteer for the outdoors. Help paint a house, fence, or other building. Walk dogs for the local animal shelter. Pick up litter. You'll be outside, plus feeling good about helping others or the environment!

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