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Lana Lenz

EAP Coordinator

308-381-7487 Ext.

Lana was raised on her family farm in South Central Nebraska, and has always considered Nebraska home. It is in this rural upbringing that she learned the value of a hard and honest day’s work, and developed her love of nature and animals. After graduating from college she moved to Dallas, Texas where she worked on the Recruiting Team for Federal Express. In this first professional position with a Fortune 500 company, Lana learned the importance of customer service, a lesson which she continues to hold very near to her heart. In 1998 Lana and her husband moved to the Island of Oahu, Hawaii where she worked as a Nurse Recruiter for a major hospital in downtown Honolulu. During this time, she also earned her Master’s Degree in Administration. Another move landed them in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where Lana worked as the Recruiting Manager for Nordstrom Direct, the on-line and catalog division of Nordstrom. Lana and her family moved back to Nebraska in 2011 and she started working for Family Resources in 2014.

In her spare time Lana enjoys outside activities and spending time with her family.

Grand Island